Teruel performs in New York Fashion Week – Press Notice

The first collection of the fashion brand Anhelébloom is presented at this Top fashion event


● The first collection of Anhelébloom, named Lines in the sky was created by the artist from Teruel Gene Martin and by the Dominican designer, Angie Polanco

● The fashion show takes place next 10th September, and it will be a three days Showroom in NY SoHo afterwards

● Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is the president of honor


Teruel/New York, 4th September 2019. The fashion brand Anhelébloom, from Teruel and founded by Elena Martín, is staging its first runaway show. The debut collection breaks in the Big Apple next 10th September in the New York fashion week, one of the world most recognized celebrations of the year.

This first collection of the brand Anhelébloom, named Lines in the Sky, is created by the designer Angie Polanco and by the artist Gene Martín. Anhelébloom is one of the few Spanish brands which manufactures 100% of the clothes by people with a range of capabilities, and at risk social exclusion, from Fundación Térvalis facilities, in Teruel (Spain).

Anhelébloom is already prepared to be presented in the international runaways, and does it in a big way: by one of the most important world weeks for fashion industry. This brand, born in Teruel and founded by Elena Martín, is characterized by a mix of references and designs recalling the importance of living and speaking from the heart. Garments able to show the importance of introspection, based in diverse architectonic shapes, and with an ethic, elegant and modern touch.

To the brand founder, Elena Martín, the collection and Anhelébloom have the mission to take a very timely message to New York: the importance of the “freedom”, lived from the real situation of every woman who wears these garments. The painter, illustrator and sculptor from Teruel, Gene Martín, has created the patterns which will be show on the clothes designed by Angie Polanco at the Big Apple.

Anhelébloom debuts next Tuesday, 10th September, at Fashion designers of Latin America of New York Fashion Week, in which Agatha Ruiz de la Prada will be the president of honor. Custo Dalmau, Custo Barcelona creator, and actress and Miss Universe 1991, Lupita Jones, as special guest, will be also attending the presentation ceremony.

All of them will be able to know first-hand the spirit of the brand and get to see its first collection for spring-summer season 2020. Lines in the sky has 26 pieces, among dresses and accessories, which “enhance the cultural richness within international fashion standards” Its designs and cuts evoke the strength of female power thanks to silky-textured sheer fabrics, that bring clothes to life.

Gene Martin is an artist born in Cedrillas (Teruel), graduate in Architecture, passionate about photography, illustration and poetry, passions reflected in his varied creations. His works have become a means of artistic expression, with silence and freedom as inspiration forms in most of them. Before working with Angie Polanco in the first collection of Anhelébloom for New York Fashion Week, he has done it with other famous artists, such as Hugo Casanova, Lucía Villarroya, Araceli García or Leo Tena.

Along all these years, Martín has created numerous expositions, both illustration-stories and also painting and sculpture. Just to name some of them: in 2018 he made an important exhibition in Ciutadella (Menorca). Same year, a collective exposition was hold in the bishopric of Teruel, and he participated too in Opera Amantes by Javier Navarrete. Gene Martín has in 2014 collaborated as an illustrator in newspaper Diario de Teruel.

His philosophy consists in finding insight inspiration, something that is defined by him as silence. Regarding his work with Angie Polanco, the artist from Aragon speaks about the Dominican designer: “We speak the same language: working with her has been like creating and art work from an art work”. Polanco’s designs follow “a very architectonical line, with an indigene and folk touch, which makes it really elegant”, adds. This first collection: Líneas en el cielo (Lines in the sky) is defined by Martin as “a piece of art in movement”, and is addressed to “fresh, decided, smart, nature lover, fun and independent women,”

Angie Polanco is an internationally renowned designer who has partially studied in Barcelona. She has collaborated with designer Josep Font, who is internationally known as one of the few Spanish designers members of the select club Alta Costura by Fédération Française de la Couture. Polanco’s designs are summarized in clothes seeking to enrich and communicate an exquisite and cosmopolitan image, without sacrificing comfort.

Angie Polanco was chosen to design the first Anhelébloom collection for the quality of her creations, for her philosophy and career path, and also for her relation with Spain. Anhelébloom wants to foster Spanish talent, both in art as in fashion, two industries in which the country is increasingly standing out, as it proves the presence of this brand in New York Fashion Week show.

Elena Martín, founder of Anhelébloom highlights the importance of this moment. “In our opinion, New York fashion show is the perfect international showcase to present our first collection: Lines in the Sky, as a platform that gathers the main trends, and is an inspiration for women year after year”, she says.

“We present in this fabulous runway a selection of versatile, timeless, full-of-possibilities’ clothes. Garments based in art, which enrich themselves every time a woman wears them. It is a collection which will leave very few indifferent, where haute couture is mixed with lines and designs created to enhance feminine beauty”.

“In New York, Anhelébloom, presents 26 looks, designed by Angie Polanco. As accessories, she has designed a selection of hand-made bags manufactured in Ubrique, In order to complete the brand image, we count on the collaboration of Pilar Escuder, founder of “Arrumaco”, shoes brand who will be in charge to dress the 26 models with shoe designs that borne comfort as a hallmark. Pilar Escuder counts also on the collaboration of Swarovsky, that will provide a special light to this fashion show, addressed to women who care about their image day and night”, Elena Martín ends.

Cayetano Castellano, Anhelébloom CEO, has a more than 15 years of experience in international market, along 30 countries. He highlights the potential of the new brand: “It has all the ingredients to be highly valued by the international market. It is a different brand, with high quality clothes and accessories, has art in its DNA, and it is growing through collaborations with designers. This new collection is focused in helping to make Teruel an international reference in fashion industry”

Cayetano Castellano joined the project in early 2019: “We have very clear goals, which are being achieved step by step. Today we are present in most important fashion show of the world, next to Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, with a collection that has much to say in art, fashion and sustainability world”.

“Our founder created this brand seeking a life full of color, full of life itself; to sum up, a real meeting with her essence”, he adds. “All who are part of Anhelébloom live in a world based in art and beauty, where great and passionate professionals in art and fashion meet. This love allowed us to create a unique collection, addressed to a unique woman, in love with her freedom, and who shares our social philosophy. All our clothes are manufactured by people with a range of capabilities, and at risk social exclusion. New York is our first fashion show, but we have already sealed agreements for different events in Teruel, Bilbao and Barcelona for the next months”, concludes Cayetano Castellano.


Three showroom days in NY SoHo.

During 3 days, the main international fashion buyers will have the possibility to know the origin and message of the new brand born in Teruel. In this Show-room the spectator will find a mix of art, fashion and new international trends. Opening hours will be: 11th September (4pm-7pm), 12th September (11am-7pm) and 13th September (11am-5pm). Address: Thirteen Crosby. 13 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013, SOHO.


About Anhelébloom

Created in Teruel in order to share the spirit of pattern designs to clothes, created by artist Gene Martin and managed by his sister, Elena Martín, in year 2019, Anhelébloom is a pioneer in the field, offering a unique and innovative product from the center of Teruel.

The brand has a clear social vocation: Anhelébloom is one of the few Spanish brands in which 100% of the clothes are manufactured by people with a range of capabilities, and at risk social exclusion, from Fundación Tervalis facilities, in Teruel (Spain). Every garment contributes to achieve United Nations’ ODS goals.

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